Brief Overview


Cpl Wallace at ease  
– Enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941 at age 20 and trained under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan to become an air gunner
A Hally with crew  
– Shipped overseas and crewed up with 419 ‘Moose’ squadron in England to fly Halifax bombing operations against Germany
bombing Duisberg  
– Shot down in May 1943 on his 16th bombing mission in which two fellow crew were killed
POW camp  
– Endured the balance of the war in Stalag Luft III, the Allied officers’ prisoner of war camp made famous by The Great Escape
forced march  
– Forced to march across Germany under inhumane winter conditions to flee the advancing Russian army before being liberated by the British army in May 1945


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As familiar as military authors can be with their subjects, they can always gain knowledge and inspiration from fellow writers. What Barbara Trendos accomplishes in Survival – besides revealing her father’s eagle eye for detail, wisdom of the moment and devilish sense of humour – is to give casual readers and experts the deeper view of the Commonwealth airman’s war, between 1941 and 1945. Her careful assembly of Albert Wallace’s flight log notes, and more important his wartime log entries, draws a vivid picture of his youthful innocence in training, his dedication to service on operations, and his resilience during imprisonment at Stalag Luft III. No wonder he stood a better chance of survival. A blessing he bestowed the gift of his memories to his daughter.
– Ted Barris, author of The Great Escape: A Canadian Story
“Once I started, I couldn’t stop.  It was an incredible read that I couldn’t put down from the moment I started. As a member of the RCAF, a pilot, oversees veteran, and History student I was engaged in every level, it’s hard to express all the feelings that your dad’s story digs up.”
Greg Zweng, military historian
“Such a wonderful first/second hand account of an amazing adventure.”
Lieutenant-Colonel R.K. ‘Midas’ Vogan, former Commanding Officer of 419 ‘Moose’ squadron (Albert’s wartime and still existing RCAF squadron, based in Cold Lake, Alberta)
“This book has detailed the life of, not only her father but the lives of all Airmen, the sacrifices and the hardships, not only being a POW, but the chances of surviving a flying a tour of 30 Bombing missions less than 10% . The details of the two forced marches required a lot of research, along with other details. I was unable to put the book down and have since read it again. The Author has written history and should be read by all.”
Stuart Hunt, roommate of Albert’s at Stalag Luft III and current friend