Review of SURVIVAL by Mary McIntyre

Mary McIntyre

I’m privileged and pleased that Mary McIntyre has reviewed SURVIVAL on her website, SidebarWriting. What follows is the beginning of her review. Please go to Mary’s site to read the rest.

Prisoner of Stalag Luft III

Stalag Luft III was a WWII German POW camp for officers made famous by the 1960s movie, The Great Escape, starring Steve McQueen.

I met Ontario author, Barbara Trendos, in 2010 at a Writers’ Retreat in Arizona. She has since written and published her book about her father’s war experience with the RCAF and ultimate incarceration as a POW in Stalag Luft III, titled, Survival: My Father’s War as an Air Force Gunner and POW, published by Stone’s Throw Publication.

Trendos’ book reminds us that the newly-trained fliers from Canada’s RCAF training schools were merely boys, some in their late teens, but most in their early 20s, eventually flying under Royal Air Force Command in Britain. Training diverse, quick and intense. They were green, away from home and eager to “do their bit” for king and country. And at times, they were afraid.

Imagine your plane being strafed and going down over enemy territory. Never having an opportunity to actually jump from a plane by parachute before, you are poised on the edge of an open, burning plane, mustering your nerve to jump into complete darkness at 12,00o feet. Famously the Air Force lost many of their young fliers in that frightening situation.

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